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by admin on 15 gennaio 2010

Learn how to erase files permanently from your computer with free utilities. Download shredding software to prevent restore of your files! To delete a file from the hard disk does not remove it permanently, as it is not simply reformat the hard drive to delete the data it contains. In the latter case, the software is limited to writing a new index and possibly to change the size of the cluster in which the operating system divides the disc. The fact that you reformat the disk does not constitute an obstacle to the software specializing in data recovery. Only the destruction of the data formats an absolute certainty. Most of the information that we delete, in fact, can be “revived” as well as by the judicial police (often hear such cases), even from hackers, identity thieves, competitors (if it is work data) and so on. Obviously you can permanently delete these files through the software called “data shredding” (crumblers data, for instance). In fact, this software does not delete the file, but rewrite them several times with a series of random data, making it impossible to patrol. Most of these software uses a technology the military (DoD 5220-22M), and sometimes are even better. There are several free software designed for this purpose, all are in charge of rewriting the files several times with a series of random data, making it virtually impossible to recover them. We present three:

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